To Paper or Not to Paper: Going Paperless With HowNow (part 2)

To Paper or Not to Paper: Going Paperless With HowNow (part 2)


This article is the second in a series of articles on going paperless with HowNow. Click here to read part 2 of this series. To read the rest of the articles, head to the Paperless category.


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Symptom: Not all the staff members are up to date


Ever feel a little disconnected? If you’re like most paper-run firms, you don’t have a central ‘staff news’ system, other than emails. There’s no simple staff directory with phone extensions, emails and other staff contact information. Team members are unaware of what new systems have been documented, which procedures and templates have been updated, what has been changed, and why. New team members take a long time to train up because the knowledge in peoples’ heads need to be transferred person-to-person; there are no easy-to-follow and easy-to-find procedures to facilitate efficient and cost-effective training of new staff.




The ‘Home’ screen in HowNow Manager lists out news that applies across the firm and to the logged-in team member. It also displays any new or updated documents in the Knowledge area, keeping everyone up to date with what has been added or changed and why. The ‘My Procedures’ view gives each team member the equivalent of their own procedures manual, reducing training time dramatically. This is easily keyword searchable and the steps in procedures link through to the related templates required to perform each step. Hello, holidays!

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