The Checklist Revolution (part 3)

The Checklist Revolution (part 3)

Standardisation and scaleability

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Stitching checklists into the fabric of your firm’s processes enables a level of consistency and standardisation that is otherwise unachievable. The larger the firm, the more essential a standardised way of working is.

A multitude of employees following the same basic procedures allows your practice enormous flexibility: many people can work on the same job for a client, different people can handle different jobs from the same client (and the client won’t notice!), and new employees can learn the ropes in a fraction of the time it took your current employees. As a result, checklists make growth and expansion more feasible than ever before.

Standardising and (to an extent) automating your internal processes increases the value and saleability of your company dramatically. It simplifies the takeover of your business and ensures consistency in the quality and style of service, lessening the pain of the process for your clients.

Even if you’re not presently considering selling or even expanding, creating and maintaining consistency within your firm is highly beneficial to your internal processes and therefore the quality of your service and/or products.

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