In Your Reams: #10

In Your Reams: #10

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Any firm can expand; adding more isn’t the hard part. The hard part is maintaining consistency and standardisation across the board so that the quality of the work your firm produces remains tip-top.


Keeping things consistent between team members in a single office alone is difficult – multiple offices is another ballgame entirely. How do you ensure a smooth transition if one team member picks up a job halfway through? What if another office takes over an existing client? What if one client refers another, and the other isn’t served with the same quality?


The answer? A true document management system; one that allows you to document and centrally store all of your firm’s processes for fast reference by your team.


A standardised firm following best practice paperless policies inevitably attracts a higher valuation as these systems make the changeover period to a new owner a whole lot smoother. It also makes any purchaser due diligence process easier for the vendor because they’ll have simple and fast access to all documents the prospective purchaser might want to review.



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