In Your Reams: #11

In Your Reams: #11

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Sound over the top? Then why do you have a 200-word size 8 print disclaimer at the end of your email signature?


The ability to save and easily store communications with clients is a dangerously overlooked aspect of the life of a firm. If you’re still using letters, we know how easily these paper files can be misplaced or destroyed. If you’ve managed to somewhat keep up with technology in the last ten years, you’re probably emailing with clients. But where do all these emails go? Are they caught in individual employees’ inboxes under a filing structure even they probably don’t fully understand?


This isn’t just a pain and a timewaster when you need to know what has been said to a client – sometimes it could mean thousands of dollars for your firm. Business Fitness has witnessed several firms in serious legal troubles that can’t be resolved because of lost email communications with clients.


Luckily, decent document management systems take care of this for you. They’ll prompt you to save an email (centrally, in the system) as soon as you send it or click delete. The entire process should take less than five seconds, and your exchanges with clients are recorded forever. Job done.



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