#Find with HowNow

#Find with HowNow

This month, we’re all about finding.

We’re over searching; it’s pretty last century actually. These days, you can find anything you want at the click of a button.

Or at least, you should be able to. Most of the time we can. But how many of you waste minutes (which add up to hours and eventually days and from an accountant’s perspective, cash) searching for a single file in Windows Explorer? And how many files do you search for a day?

Yeah. Whoops.

See that’s the thing.

Many firms call themselves paperless when they’ve got everything haphazardly stored in Windows Explorer. Sure, there’s no filing cabinets anymore, but what’s the point of investing time to go paperless when searching for documents in a simple document storage (hint: huge difference between document storage and document management) program takes just as long as searching for paper files?

And this is where HowNow steals the show and becomes your new best friend.

Document and email manager HowNow was designed specifically to eliminate the kinds of problems that primitive document storage solutions like Windows Explorer create.

With all documents stored centrally (under a sophisticated and error-free filing structure that happens behind the scenes), any one of your thousands of files can be staring you in the face in milliseconds with our keyword search. Filter documents by name, author, date, file type, and even search by what’s not in a document.

We’re super proud of our lightning fast search capacity – want to see it in action? Visit http://businessfitness.net/products/hownow to see more or call us to arrange a demo.


Have the #hownowfind chat on Twitter with @businessfitness, or head to hownowhq.com to find out more about HowNow Online, our cloud document manager.

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