Finders, Keepers: HR for Accountants (#2)

Finders, Keepers: HR for Accountants (#2)

A suggested procedure for the effective recruitment of new stafffinders keepers 2

Adding new members to your team is as exciting as it is daunting. To make the process a little easier, you should implement a recruitment procedure that follows each of the steps set out below. We’ve indicated the kinds of templates you will need to implement and suggested allocations of responsibilities that you will need to execute as a part of this procedure.

Creating and maintaining the different templates we have identified can be a time-consuming task. We recommend that you research your options for purchasing a set of best practice templates, such as those developed by Business Fitness, that will save you the hassle of having to create and maintain your own.


Steps Template you will need Who you should delegate responsibility to
1. Prepare a detailed position description using the Position Description Template.

Position Description Template HR Manager
2. Complete the Recruitment Advertisement Form to define the information to be included in the advertisement.

Recruitment Advertisement Form HR Manager
3. If the recruitment process is to be handled in-house, commence the Recruitment Interview Checklist.

Recruitment Interview Checklist HR Manager
4. Alternatively, contact one or more recruitment agencies and supply them with a copy of the Position Description.

HR Manager
5. Contact the applicants to provide details of their interview (time and location).

HR Manager
6. Email the Application for Employment Forms to candidates if required to be completed ahead of the interview.

Application for Employment Form HR Manager
7. Interview the selected applicants using the Employment Interview Questions Form and prepare a final shortlist of candidates. Prepare for second interviews with these candidates.

Employment Interview Questions Form HR Manager
8. Once the final shortlist of candidates has been decided, obtain two
verbal references for each of these candidates, using the Reference Check (Verbal) Form.

Reference Check (Verbal) Form HR Manager
9. If unable to obtain two verbal references for each of these candidates, send a confidential Reference Check Letter to two of each candidate’s referees.

Reference Check Letter HR Manager
10. Contact the preferred candidate by telephone and offer them the position. If they accept the offer, prepare and send an Offer of Employment Letter and Standard Terms and Conditions.

Offer of Employment LetterStandard Terms & Conditions of Employment HR Manager
11. For all unsuccessful candidates, send the Applicant Rejection Letter.

Applicant Rejection Letter HR Manager


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