So What? Webinar on Wednesday December 3

So What? Webinar on Wednesday December 3

The 2014 edition of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the Australian Accounting Profession (GBU) is here – and it might just be our best one yet. We’re bringing you the standouts of the report in this 30-minute interactive webinar and asking “so what?” What does it all mean and what are we, as accountants, supposed to do about it?

We’ll be covering what’s happening in the industry right now (straight from the accountant’s mouth), what’s going to happen (based on the predictions of our data and what participants tell us), and how the nation’s highest performing firms are thriving even in the most uncertain of times.

We’ll look at the numbers (the straight stats), the context for this year’s results (the bigger picture) and finally, you: the little picture. What are you doing?

Register here for the webinar (this Wednesday, 3rd December at 11am AEST), find out more about the GBU here, or join the #GBU conversation on Twitter with @businessfitness. See you Wednesday!


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