Burn it, throw it, dump it. All of it.

Burn it, throw it, dump it. All of it.



Being a paperless business with a decidedly modern approach to working life, Business Fitness is quite the model child for minimalism.

With “I just want a simple life” becoming a confession for many of today’s professionals, minimalism (in the home and office) should be an increasingly popular topic – and yet for some reason, we just keep piling up our possessions.

For a clear mind, you need a clear home, a clear office, and probably a clean conscience (you can go elsewhere to learn about that). Minimising stuff and the decisions and stress that stuff brings is undoubtedly the best way to focus on what you truly want to focus on – hopefully improving that business of yours!

So with that in mind, here are a few dandy links that I (mystery Business Fitness blog-writer and huge minimalist) absolutely implore you to read, and hopefully inspire you to lead a different kind of 2015.


The Minimalists: www.theminimalists.com

Two guys with a backpack roaming the globe to promote minimalism.

Becoming Minimalist: www.becomingminimalist.com

A family of four that prove that you don’t have to be a single 20-something to own nothing.

Miss Minimalist: www.missminimalist.com

Loads of minimalist-living tips (this one’s more about the practical side than the theoretical) from a smart gal with a child in tow.



Seriously, throw it out, sell it on Gumtree, wrap it up as a Christmas present… whatever you want. It’s a literal weight off your shoulders, and you’ll be so much happier for it. De-clutter your life and you’ll start seeing what’s really important.

And if you end up with a whole heap of pictures and scanned documents… HowNow can help you out.

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