We’ve got a lot in store

As we mentioned a few posts ago, this year’s jam-packed. We’ll be keeping our lives busy to try and un-busy your lives. We’re good like that.

So while there are many things we haven’t even planned yet, we can tell you a few things that we’re sure of.


Firstly, we’ll be posting three educational and insightful blog posts a week from now until December 31st, with input from highly knowledgeable industry leaders.

We’ll be tweeting away from our main account @businessfitness, as well as our employee accounts, @SAS_busfit, @margaret_busfit, @jenelle_busfit, @brad_busfit and @jojo_busfit. Keep an eye out for daily #GBUfact and #GBUtrend Tweets, which will keep you updated with statistics straight from our annual Good Bad Ugly accountants’ benchmarking report.

We’ll be sending out monthly content update emails (you can subscribe to these at the bottom of this page), and we’ll be hosting two webinars every month: one based around a relevant industry discussion point (with niche industry leaders as guests), and one showcasing recent updates and developments for a particular product of ours.

We’ll be heading to ATSA in October to see your friendly, slightly nerdy faces.

We’ve got beta users on board for our HowNow Portal (click here if you’d like to register your interest).

We’ve also got beta users up and running on Reportance, our new reporting tool (you can join this club too).

We’ve got free trials set up for HowNow Online, so you can try before you buy (click here to do just that).

We’ve got our HowNow Smart Workpapers just waiting in the cloud for you to download – and know this – they’re cooler than ever (click here and we’ll prove it).

We’ll have our annual Good Bad Ugly report out in October, and we highly recommend you grab one (click here for the latest version).

And we’ve got our trusty HowNow Server product still firing ahead with regular development and updates (click here to see an oldie but a goodie in action).


We’re sure there’ll be much more, but we’ll keep you updated. Have a fantastic year, and do something crazy.

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