12 Must-have features when choosing a doc management system

12 Must-have features when choosing a doc management system

Searching for a doc management can be overwhelming, confusing, and downright exhausting. Everyone has their own requirements and not every product will tick all the boxes – wait – what boxes?usedd-page-001

If this is your current state of mind, we’ve put together a little doc management checklist to help you out. May your docs be with you.


1. No lock-in

Does the document management system lock-up your electronic files into a database or have folders and file names that mean nothing without the software? If so, your files will not be accessible without the software.

2. Centrally manages all file types

Will the document management system allow you to save and open all types of files?

3. Captures your existing electronic files

Are you able to bring in all your existing files into the document management system before you commence live use of the system? This allows you to have all your files in the one location from Day 1 – very important for the efficiency of your team members accessing files.

4. Displays only approved master versions of templates

Can your team members only have access to the standard procedures and templates that have been approved for use within your business?

5. Connects to your existing contacts database(s)

Does the system allow you to connect to your existing database of contacts? If not, you will be forced to maintain yet another list of contacts.

6. Integrates end-to-end from procedures to templates to records (including emails)

The ease of accessing templates and creating documents for your clients is crucial to the effective running of your business. Are you able to merge contact information directly into your letters and forms to gain the time-savings you are seeking?

7. Designed with bigger picture of knowledge management

Will the new document management system enable you store all of your procedures, standard letters, templates, marketing collateral, training and reference material (in fact all of your business’ documented knowledge) in a way that is easily searchable by all of your team?

8. Visibility and security over all documents

Are you able to lock-down (and remove from view) those documents that you don’t want all of your team to have access to?

9. Document status tracking and workflow monitoring

Can you see all the documents that have been created in your business and the status of each of these? Do you have control over the way these status levels are set up?

10. ‘My Procedures Manual’ display for users

Will you save time in induction processes, by having an individual ‘My Procedures Manual’ for each role or person within the organisation, but without the need to duplicate the documents for each person?

11. Management over emails

Does the system prompt users to save emails? Emails form such a large percentage of our communications with both clients and team members, so it is critical that they are always centrally filed and shared.

12. Flexibility of searching

Will the system allow you to search quickly and easily using different criteria such as, client name, date range, topic, description, key words and on the full text within a document?


We designed HowNow with the above features as our top priorities. Keen? Click this mystery link here.

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