What are the benefits of choosing a specialist doc management supplier?

What are the benefits of choosing a specialist doc management supplier?

Specialist products perform their function better, no matter which type of product you consider. For example, usedmobile phones these days are multifunction devices that often include a camera, music player and so on. If the quality of camera was important to you, would you consider the camera in a mobile phone to be good enough? Probably not. A dedicated digital camera will do a better job. The same applies to the music player. A dedicated music player will perform better and be easier to use that one that is built in to a multi-function phone.


The same applies to document management systems (DMS). In an accounting firm, the flow, management and control of documents is crucial to your firm’s efficiency and productivity. A dedicated DMS should be considered because it will perform better than a DMS that is built in to a ‘multifunction’ piece of software such as a practice management system.


The ‘Documents’ tab in a practice management system is like the camera in a phone. While on the surface it appears to have the DMS inside your practice management system, the reality is that it will be a rudimentary DMS lacking the functionality and efficiencies offered by a true DMS. A DMS can connect to your practice management system, avoiding the need for an additional client database.


A specialist DMS provider will be able to give you expert guidance in all these ‘paperless office’ aspects. Head to www.businessfitness.net to find out more about going paperless with HowNow, or go to the Free Resources tab on our Services page to read more articles and whitepapers like this.

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