5 Sneaky Social Media Tips for Your Firm

5 Sneaky Social Media Tips for Your Firm

A few practical social media tips from our resident social media guru.

1. Set up a whole network.

If you’re looking for a more personal approach to online marketing, try giving key employees Twitter accounts and getting them to interact with clients and other professionals online (as well as retweet firm updates!) Pros: the firm looks bigger yet more personal. Cons: more work.

2. Schedule, baby, schedule.

The online marketer’s dream. Using programs like SocialOomph, Sprout Social and Hootsuite, you can schedule updates around the clock, for as many accounts as you want, across a ton of social media platforms. Pros: a consistent online presence, the ability to post the same update across multiple sites in one go, and the benefit of coordinating multiple accounts (such as accounts for different employees or divisions) through a single site. Cons: making typos in the “time” section and scheduling tweets for 2am. People will either be impressed or confused.

3. Retweet, retweet, retweet.

Not enough original content? Retweeting other people’s updates is a) a time-saver, b) a nice thing to do for the original Tweeter, and c) still a way to get your name in people’s feeds.

4. Monitor key words.

Tools like Keyhole and TweetDeck let you monitor any keywords/hashtags related to your firm’s specialties. Once you find the tweets with these words, you can: retweet them, learn from them, reply to the tweet and start a conversation, or even connect with the original Tweeter personally and get something going. You never know.

5. Speaking of hashtags…

Make some! Short, unique hashtags in your tweets a) helps them be found by the masses and b) gives them a consistency that is so crucial in creating an online persona, even for a business.

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