14 Signs Your Business Needs a Better Doc Management System

14 Signs Your Business Needs a Better Doc Management System

How do you know if your business needs a better document management system?

If you’ve ever heard (or said yourself!) any of these in your firm, it’s a sure sign you need better doc management.

1. “I don’t know what emails have been sent to this client.”

2. “Our emails are stored all over the place in each person’s inbox.”

3. “This file seems to be missing some documents.”

4. “Who’s got the client file at the moment?”

5. “Where would he/she have saved that file?”

6. “I can’t remember where I saved that file.”

7. “It’s got to be there somewhere. I know I saved it.”

8. “I’ll dig that up and get back to you.”

9. “I wish I could see all files for this client on one screen.”

10. “Who has worked on this document? Who approved it?”

11. “Which version of this document is the most up-to-date one?”

12. “We need some standard operating procedures around here.”

13. “Training new staff members is so time consuming.”

14. “We need to standardise. Everyone is doing their own thing.”


If this sounds like your firm, check out our HowNow Document Management system. We made it for you.

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