4 Habits of Australia’s Most Efficient Accounting Firm

The efficiency wizards at Aintree Group gave us their top tips for boosting efficiency – and now they’re yours!

1. Engage with your team

Be visible and converse with your team, walk the floor and talk with your team.  Too often it is easy to be locked away in an office with the door closed.  Have relevant conversations with your team members and manage them by walking around, not waiting for them to come to you.

2. Weekly job targets

Have targets visible – for example, write weekly targets on a whiteboard visible for all team members at all times. Each day, address with team members what you need to do in order to get these jobs out the door.  Most accounting firms finish 80% of a job and then take an age to get it out the door.

3. Educate your clients

If your clients understand your process and what is required of them, it makes for a more efficient business.  It is a two way process; the firm doesn’t necessarily do all the work. A focus on educating the client as to their responsibilities is also an important task.

4. Know your numbers

The firm monitors four numbers daily:

  • WIP (work in progress)
  • Debtors
  • Top ten jobs in progress
  • Average hourly rate at invoice


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