3 Tips on Hiring Junior Accountants

If you’re like most Australian accounting firms, you don’t have a dedicated HR manager. Hiring is a skill of its own, and you’re probably just as nervous as the line of nail-biting candidates outside your door. Here are our top tips for adding junior accountants to your growing team.

  1. Culture

Consider what they’ll bring to your company culture. No matter how productive or accurate a potential employee is, if they bring a bad vibe or closed-off mindset to the workplace, this will undoubtedly have a negative effect on other employees.

  1. Assess their potential, not their resume
    Do your best to detect their energy and willingness to learn. In the long-run, this is much more important than expensive universities and years of experience.
  1. The bigger picture
    Ask them what they’re looking for in applying to this position. If it seems like they’re just there for the paycheck, you may want to pass. Ideally, they’ll share the company vision of helping business to succeed. This is the bigger picture: if it’s all spreadsheets and tax returns to them, it’s unlikely you will get much more than the bare minimum from them.

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