Out of the Office? Our Top 5 Tips for Working While Travelling

Worried about falling behind while travelling? Our team spend a whole lot of time on the road – whether it’s meeting with clients, attending industry events or simply enjoying the freedoms of our remote working policy. We asked our team for their top tips on making the most of your travel time:

  1. Rise and shine

Wake up early and get some work done from the quiet of your hotel room. If it’s early enough, there’ll be no one texting or emailing you to distract you, and you’ll feel a lot better about the day knowing you’ve already squeezed in some work.

  1. Get out

Don’t underestimate the importance of socialising and networking. Though it may be tempting to stay in your room replying to emails until the wee hours, you’ll probably reap more rewards (though not as initially obvious) by getting out and mingling with the right crowd. If you’re not at an industry-related event, take advantage of your new location and check sites like www.meetup.com for get-togethers by people in your field.

  1. Switch off

As convenient as the ability to work remotely or from mobile devices is, avoid being glued to your phone throughout the day. Frantically responding to last-minute emails during speeches or calling in to the office during breaks doesn’t make you look busy and professional. On the contrary, it makes you look stressed and definitely not in control.

  1. Prepare

Delegate as much as you can to other team members while you’re out of the office, and work as much as you can in the days before your trip so that you don’t have any outstanding tasks to be ticked off while you’re gone.

  1. Air travel

Profit from the no WiFi situation on planes. Before you board, plan what offline work you’re going to get done and enjoy the distraction-free time (unless you’re seated next to one of those people). Disconnected time is a rarity in our day. Use it.

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