In Your Reams: #3

In Your Reams: #3

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The traditional accountant’s office feels safe. Paper files abound, everything is there, reachable, touchable.


It feels safe. But here’s why it’s not. Though perhaps not probable, it’s still entirely possible for buildings to burn down, be flooded out, or come down in an earthquake. Sure, a digital document could also disappear or be somehow destroyed – but not a digital document securely backed up in multiple locations, and particularly in the cloud.


Of course, hacking is a very real possibility and one anyone going paperless or cloud should be aware of, but so is hacking into a metal filing cabinet – even a locked one. Those worried about the security of cloud storage should also consider that servers too can be hacked.


Weighed up, the paperless option outdoes the security of your old paper files – it may just take a little to get your head around.


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