In Your Reams: #8

In Your Reams: #8

Standardisation (sounds boring, but listen up)in your reams 8


Paperless offices usually have another thing in common: all the knowledge for how to complete certain processes remains in people’s heads. These heads are either those of key employees, or even those of every employee.


Both scenarios pose a problem to your firm: firstly, key person dependence poses great risk to your firm if that person for some reason cannot come to work for a period of time. Secondly, processes residing in the heads of all employees means that standardisation and consistency across the firm is virtually impossible.


Luckily, this madness (which may not have been truly brought to your attention until now) is no longer an issue with a paperless office and a true document management system.


Proper document management allows you to record and store centrally all of your firm’s procedures. This makes training new employees a breeze, and eliminates the age-old ‘junior accountant wasting senior accountant’s time asking questions’ dilemma.


All team members are constantly up to date, and learn to seek answers to their issues independently first before running to someone higher up. Standardised procedures ensure consistency across the board, which is crucial for your client service.


Pretty neat, huh?




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