In Your Reams: Lucky #13

In Your Reams: Lucky #13

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How many times have you sent an email with a document attached and then spent weeks chasing down the most current version of the file? Or worse, had someone overwrite your changes because they weren’t working on the most current version of the file? If you’re sending a document to five team members, how many different versions come back to you? Yep. Five.


With a true document management system, you’ll forget that this kind of thing can even happen. Seriously. We’re paperless and couldn’t remember – that’s why this is #13.


A true document management system means only one version of a file exists at any time. All team members work off the same document, wherever they are in the world. There is no need to email documents between team members, which always results in the inevitable version control madness that is sometimes more than just a time-waster – it’s a genuine problem if information goes missing.



Convinced? Good. Now comes the doubt – is such an office really possible or will it forever be in your reams? (Pun intended.)

Rest assured, we wouldn’t have written these 13 little posts if it wasn’t possible. But where do you start? Register for our next webinar: 13 Steps to a Paperless Office. Or find out more about HowNow Document Management, Business Fitness’s renowned document management system designed specifically for accountants.


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