Finders, Keepers: HR for Accountants (#3)

Finders, Keepers: HR for Accountants (#3)

A suggested procedure for the effective commencement and induction of new stafffinders keepers 3

Before any new employee commences work, each of the steps outlined below for effective commencement and induction of new staff should be completed.

As in the previous article, we have indicated the kinds of templates needed and suggested allocations of responsibilities. To save time creating and maintaining your own templates, consider purchasing them from a third party, such as Business Fitness.


Steps Template you will need Who you should delegate responsibility to
Before commencement of employment of new staff member
1. Appoint an Induction Coordinator, who will be the new team member’s first point of contact and will 
be responsible for preparing the induction program.


HR Manager
2. Create a Team Member Details Form for the new employee to complete.


Team Member Details Form HR Manager
3. Commence setting up the personnel file (paper or electronic) using the Personnel Records Checklist. Save this checklist as a record against the employee and use throughout the course of their employment from commencement to cessation.

[Note: Documents should be saved for a period of 7 years after employment ceases.]


Personnel Records Checklist HR Manager
4. Complete the appropriate sections of the New Team Member IT Set-Up Form and forward to the IT Manager to enable setup of the new team member’s IT requirements.


New Team Member IT Set-Up Form HR Manager
5. Commence the Induction Checklist that lists all the steps to follow during induction. Save this on the employee’s personnel file.


Induction Checklist Induction Coordinator
6. Prepare an Employment Induction Itinerary Checklist and save on the employee’s personnel file.


Employment Induction Itinerary Checklist Induction Coordinator
7. Commence following the During Employment Procedure.


See article 4 of this series


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