January: Thinking like a business (NOT an accounting firm!)

January: Thinking like a business (NOT an accounting firm!)

So here’s the deal. Every month, we (the guys at Business Fitness) are bringing you a new (accounting) industry-Businessmanrelated topic (like a hot discussion point in today’s industry), and we’re going to explore it inside and out. There’ll be blogs about it (there’ll also be unrelated blogs, so don’t be confused), articles from industry thought leaders, Tweets, webinars, and even some free downloads available from our website. If that doesn’t excite you, it sure excites us.


It’s January now, so let’s get down to business.


Did you guess it?


That was probably asking a little much. This month theme is thinking and acting like a business. Yep, that’s right. Kill all that accounting firm talk. Times are changing. You’re a business like any other, and you need to start serving your clients and competing with businesses around you, just like any business.


January’s the perfect month for planning out your year, for setting goals and figuring out how you’ll achieve them, and for just feeling refreshed, motivated and ready to pump out some work.


You need to be thinking about your service offerings, your clients, and (a frequently neglected focus area) your team. Oh, and yourself. Stay healthy.


So that’s what January looks like for us. Stay tuned, and stay business-y.

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