Will a doc management system give me a paperless office?

Will a doc management system give me a paperless office?

A document management system (DMS) is an essential ingredient for achieving a ‘paperless office’ (or ‘less paper’ office), but other elements are also required, including:


– Providing all staff with multiple monitors or, alternatively, larger widescreen monitors

– Using software such as UltraMon or SplitView to make monitor use even more efficient

– Scanning hardware and software

– Scanning automation software for automatically filing scanned documents

– Templates and precedents that have been specifically designed for efficient on-screen completion

– Automated off-site data backup systems


Advanced paperless options also include the use of:

– Digital certificates – the digital equivalent of personal ID verification

– Digital signatures – the digital equivalent of the act of signing a document. Note: A digital signature is not the same as a scanned image of a person’s signature.

– Handwriting tablets or tablet PCs to enable ‘writing on the screen’ with a pen (‘stylus’)


A specialist DMS provider will be able to give you expert guidance in all these ‘paperless office’ aspects. Head to www.businessfitness.net to find out more about going paperless with HowNow, or go to the Free Resources tab on our Services page to read more articles and whitepapers like this.

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