What People are Saying About HowNow

What People are Saying About HowNow

It’s never been easy for us to explain the true benefits of HowNow – it’s one of those things where you don’t know what you’re missing until you’ve tried it. With that in mind, we chatted to some of our clients about their experience with HowNow, so you can see (or rather read) for yourself.

What people are saying about HowNow

“Using HowNow is a much quicker way of retrieving files than the way we used to do it through Windows Explorer and by asking others around the office. We no longer have to go to the next office and ask a colleague “Where did you save that file?” because in the time it would take to walk to the next office, I have already found it in HowNow. It’s just like searching Google.

“HowNow has actually created a natural gravitation towards a ‘paperless’ way of doing things because we don’t even have to try to ‘think paperless’, it just happens. For example, when I am working away from the office using remote access in the past it would happen where I’d think to myself, “Bother, I should have brought that physical file with me so I can refer to inbound documents,” well that issue is completely gone because everything is now scanned and easily located.

“The ‘shareability’ and accessibility of client information has improved dramatically thanks to HowNow. It’s almost like—and this is deep!—we’re a step closer to a common firm consciousness on client matters. HowNow has changed the way communication happens here about clients. Rather than the old linear way of communicating by sending emails to particular people within the firm, everyone across the firm now simultaneously know what’s happening with a client rather than relying on email or accidental face to face encounters. With HowNow you can see it all there on the screen rather than waiting for face time with busy people.

“I can work remotely and watch the firm’s day unfold on HowNow’s Records screen. I can see every document, workpaper, email as it is created each day. From there I can tell what is flowing smoothly and what isn’t. I can see situations where a team member might need some help or guidance on a job to push it through. Team uptake of the precedents with HowNow Knowledge Manager has been slower than we had hoped. With Records Manager uptake has been instantaneous. I now only have to access Windows Explorer about once a month. HowNow keeps everyone out of Explorer which is great. Windows Explorer is too brittle and dangerous for staff to be in there.

“Gladly, it’s not just me. My staff are telling me HowNow is fantastic.”

Cameron Patterson

Principal – Cameron Patterson & Co.


“HowNow is an integral part of our induction process with new team members. Having standards and systems in HowNow allows our team members to become productive so much faster. We recently employed a new team member and on the second day she was performing tasks unsupervised because she was following the processes in HowNow”.

Kelley Malaba

Southern Cross Accountants


“We have calculated that HowNow MailScan saves us 12 hours per week …
We would definitely recommend it to other firms!”

                                                                                                           Kaylene Bryant
NCA Newcombe Clifton Atkins


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