Why You Can’t Buy a Paperless Office

Why You Can’t Buy a Paperless Office

Paperless is definitely still a buzz word in the accounting world. Many firms have begun the journey toward paperless but can’t quite pull together the necessary equipment, tools and techniques needed to apply the principles of paperless to everyday procedures.

But what most firms fail to understand is that paperless is a system, not a product. In a perfect world, you could simply ‘buy’ a paperless office. The reality is that such a ‘product’ doesn’t exist.

A paperless office is the result of a number of products, tools, resources and people coming together in a collaborative effort to move forward and make changes for the better. There are no secrets to successful implementation of a paperless office; just steps and tools.

Check out our paperless blog category for tips and guides on going paperless, or head to www.businessfitness.net to find out more about the tools you’ll need for your paperless journey.

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