HowNow Portal Update: 3 Sexy New Features!

Our HowNow Portal is without a doubt one of the most innovative and sought-after products we’ve ever built – and it’s getting better every day. Here’s a quick look at some of the latest features we’ve added to this nifty little portal:

  1. Group documents

Accounting firms can now upload documents accessible by all clients. This feature will be revolutionary for mass client communication, such as newsletters, marketing communications, and whatever you can think of.

  1. SMS notifications

You can now receive notifications to your phone when a document is available to sign. These notifications were developed with top-notch security in mind, which is why the SMS will also contain a PIN code for you to access the document.

  1. Reminder notifications (coming soon)

Customise when your clients receive email and SMS reminders about signing documents – whether it’s 7 days, 14 days or a time limit of your own. This life-changing auto-pilot feature removes the dreaded burden of following up with clients to sign and return documents. And now they can get on with what they do best.

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