What a Modern Workforce Really Means

The more the term modern workforce is thrown around, the less clear its meaning becomes. Recently, it has become synonymous with the concept of a remote or distributed workforce – and while a modern workforce may very well be comprised of a distributed team, this is certainly not the only factor that makes a company a modern workforce. From what we’ve seen working with accounting firms across the country, we consider a truly modern workforce to be a firm that:

  1. Uses technology to its full potential

Modern workforces stay atop of technology trends, without blindly adopting every new invention that appears on the market. They use technology to make their work life easier and free up more time for real human communication with clients and adding value to the services they offer them.

  1. Plans but adapts

The smartest of firms have concrete plans for the future (that also cater to expectations of industry changes), but allow themselves to be nimble and adaptable to the unexpected. In these uncertain times, adaptability and flexibility is what sets a firm apart from the rest. Furthermore, with the digital takeover of the industry, future-focussed firms are prepared for accidents like data loss with multiple backups in different formats and locations.

  1. Examines, experiments and adjusts

Improvement-minded firms are constantly testing new ways of working and new tools to make everyday office life easier and more efficient. They understand that adding more technology to the mix will not always improve their work life, and they accept that sometimes, certain tools and procedures stop being as effective as they once were. They measure effects quantifiably and act accordingly. They stay on top of what’s happening in the industry (with benchmarking tools like – not to brag – our Good Bad Ugly benchmarking survey and report) and what others are doing.

  1. Builds a team

The most successful firms create a strong sense of team and community within the firm. They tie the company together by a shared vision of purpose (not just an office space). They create unity without uniformity, they listen to and give equal respect to team members at all levels, and they make the workplace a fun and encouraging place to be.

  1. Only has room for excitement

You can’t feel threatened by changes to the industry because you’re 100% on top of them. Rather than fearing the future, you embrace it as opportunity, and feel nothing but excitement for what the change will bring. You don’t just work around change: you work with it and use it to your advantage.

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